New Ruby release

The GitHub Ruby Release event is meant to trigger a TODO when a certain Ruby version is released.


# The following TODO will be addressable when Ruby 3.2.0 is released.

TODO(on: ruby_release("3.2.0"))



The Ruby Release event expects one arguments:

  • The version you are expecting.


To avoid mistakes and to maximize the chance to trigger your TODO, Catana has strict validation rules on this event.

Maintained series

The Ruby core team maintains a series of versions (listed here). The maintained series as of today are:

  • Ruby 2.7
  • Ruby 3.0
  • Ruby 3.1

Catana only accepts creating a Ruby Release event TODO with a version included in these series.

# The following TODO won't be accepted by Catana.
# The rationale is that Ruby version 2.6.11 will likely never be released since the 2.6
# serie is no longer maintained.

TODO(on: ruby_release("2.6.11"))

Existing Ruby

Catana prevents introducing Ruby Release event TODO for a ruby version already released.

# The following TODO won't be accepted by Catana because Ruby version 3.1.2 is already
# released.

TODO(on: ruby_release("3.1.2"))

Future version

The Ruby Core team communicates in advance of the next version to be released. Catana will only accept versions up to or equal to the next scheduled release.

As of today, the next scheduled release is Ruby 3.2.0.

# The following TODO won't be accepted by Catana because Ruby version 6.0.0
# will most likely not be released anytime soon.

TODO(on: ruby_release("6.0.0"))