Validating TODOs

Catana will verify the validity of TODOs before they land on the main branch of your repository.

Pull Request feedback

When a GitHub Pull Request is opened, Catana checks for any new TODOs and will comment on each line in case the TODO doesn't pass validation.

Image representing a TODO with Catana

The Catana bot will resolve all comments as soon as you address them.

This validation process only happens when:

  1. The Pull Request gets opened against the default branch. (i.e. you want to merge your changes on main)
  2. The Pull Request is not set to Draft.

Pushing invalid TODO to the main branch

If you don't address the errors outlined by the bot and merge anyway (or if you directly push to the main branch), Catana will open an issue on your repository to warn you. Those TODOs will be ignored and no further actions will be taken by Catana.

Image representing a TODO with Catana

Validation Rules

Each TODO gets validated differently based on the event used. We'll go through each rule in the corresponding Event section in this document.

Syntax incompatible TODO

As we have seen in the Anatomy Section, a specific syntax is expected. Catana currently does not enforce introducing only compatible TODO.

// TODO to that <---- Silently ignored by Catana