Let Catana edit or remove TODOs from the GitHub UI.

Catana provides a feature to perform operations on TODOs by commenting on associated GitHub issues.

The pitfall of manually editing TODOs

A common pitfall when a user goes through its TODOs is to leave them untouched while they should either be removed or updated.

Having to go through a git dance and review process only to edit or remove a TODO is tedious, and developers tend to take a mental note to follow up later (aka never).

🤖 The perfect task for a bot

Simple changes like modifying or removing a TODO should be delegated to a bot. Catana's commands are a convenient way to manage TODOs and save developers valuable time.

When a user types a command, Catana will perform the requested operation and open a Pull Request for review. Developers only have to click on the "merge" button.


To perform a command, reply in a comment to a GitHub issue previously opened by Catana and type @catana-dev followed by the command name.

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