Create, update and delete

Catana emphasizes keeping your codebase as the source of truth, therefore it doesn't have a UI for creating, updating, or deleting TODOs.

Create, update and delete operations are inferred from Git commits whenever a Git push occurs on the main branch (also known as the release branch) of an enrolled repository. This page will outline the operation Catana will perform based on what a user changed.

A TODO is added

Catana creates a new Todo Item record in its database.

A TODO is removed

Catana destroys the Todo Item record and closes any associated ticket in your issue tracker (in the event where a ticket was created for this TODO).

A TODO is added and removed

Two different outcome may happen:


If the changes occurs on the same line, Catana considers that you are trying to update a TODO.

If the changes occurs on a different line but the TODO itself doesn't change, Catana considers that the existing TODO is moving location in the file and will update its record accordingly.

Destroy and create

In all other scenarios from the "Update existing TODO" paragraph, Catana will consider that it needs to destroy and create a new Todo Item record.

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