You are just a click away from installing Catana.

Catana can only be installed on GitHub repositories at the moment.

Installing the Catana's GitHub application

The first time you sign in to Catana, you will be prompted to install the application and will be redirected to GitHub.

Choose the account on which you would like to proceed with the installation, and click "Install". Congratulations, you have successfully installed Catana! 🥳

Once Catana is installed, other members of your organization will not be prompted to follow this step.

Enrol repositories

Manually enrolling a repository allows each team and project to decide whether they'd like to opt-in.

After installing the GitHub application, you'll be redirected back to Catana where you'll choose which repositories you'd like to enrol. You can choose as many repositories as you want!

Enrolling a repository enables the following functionalities:

  • 🔍 Let Catana search and process existing TODOs.

  • 💾 Record upcoming TODOs whenever a git push occurs on the release branch (usually main or master).

  • Add a failing or successful CI check status on Pull Requests introducing a TODO.

This operation can take a few minutes based on how large the repository is and the number of TODOs found.

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