The GitHub Pull Request Close Event is used to trigger a TODO when a GitHub Pull Request gets closed.


# The following TODO will be ready to be addressed as soon as the Pull Request
# gets closed.

TODO(on: pr_close("rails", "rails", 21045))



The Pull Request Close event expects 3 arguments, in order:

  1. The GitHub owner of the repository
  2. The name of the repository
  3. The Pull Request number


The Pull Request Close event can only be created to watch private repositories belonging to the same repository owner where the TODO was pushed. This rule only applies to private repositories.


Consider these 3 examples, each todo being added to the stripe/stripe GitHub repository.

This TODO will be considered invalid as the Google repository is outside the Stripe organisation.

TODO(on: pr_close("Google", "Google", 251))

This TODO will be considered valid as the private-repo repository is in the Stripe organisation.

TODO(on: pr_close("stripe", "private-repo", 123))

This TODO will be considered valid as the rails repository is a public repository.

TODO(on: pr_close("rails", "rails", 123))