Onboarding a Repository

After installing the Catana application on your GitHub organization or own account, Catana will let you onboard repositories of your choice.

Onboarding a repository will let Catana detect and process existing TODOs in the codebase. New TODOs that get introduced will also be processed by Catana after the initial onboarding.

Select a repository

The "Onboard" menu in the sidebar will display a list of repositories that you can onboard. The list of repositories consists of:

  • Repositories that aren't yet onboarded.
  • Repositories you granted access to when installing the Catana GitHub application.
  • Non-forked repositories. **Forked repositories can't be onboarded.


Catana will process your codebase in the background and send you an email when the operation is complete.

Searching, parsing, and processing your repository is resource intensive. It can take up to 5 minutes depending on the size of your repository and the number of TODOs.